PIB Members

The following list of people form the Partners in Business (PIB) committee for 2010—2011:

Jennifer Creane – Chair –Jennifer.Creane@pearson.com
Al Velásquez – Chair – Al.Velasquez@pearson.com
Zareh Artinian- Zareh.Artinian@pearson.com
Ruth Band – Ruth.Band@pearson.com
Keryn Broydrick – Keryn.Broydrick@pearson.com
Chris Crosby – Chris.Crosby@pearson.com
Angela Kessler – Angela.Kessler@pearson.com
Emily Lalka – Emily.Lalka@pearson.com
Robyn Matzke – Robyn.Matzke@pearson.com
Cara McNally – Cara.McNally@pearson.com
Stephanie Mood – Stephanie.Mood@pearson.com
Michelle Sierota – Michelle.Sierota@pearson.com
Robert Stahlinski – Robert.Stahlinski@pearson.com

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