What is PIB?

What is PIB?

PIB is a site-based employee committee representing Pearson Curriculum Group and FEN employees. It functions as a clearinghouse for employee ideas and feedback, in addition to coordinating professional development and boosting employee morale. The twelve rotating members are volunteers from different departments within the Curriculum Group and FEN. Human Resources and Facilities appoint at-large members to facilitate the group’s work. Volunteers spend two years in PIB.

What does PIB do?

• serves as a forum for employee ideas and feedback
Ø process
Ø products
Ø work-life issues
• coordinates professional development
• plans employee social activities
• administers the Way-to-Go Awards, Charity Events, Raffles

Have PIB ideas been implemented?

The following ideas began as submissions to PIB:

Ÿ Creation of an on-site reference library staffed by a professional librarian

Ÿ Decorating the Boylston office using employee-created artwork

Ÿ Addition of recycling bins to the Boylston kitchens

Ÿ Boston weekly events newsletter (now expanded to Arlington office)

Ÿ Placement of first aid kits in the kitchens

The ideas are wide-ranging- achieving efficiencies, saving time and money, improving the work enfironment. Sicne the program began in March 1990, many PIB iniatives have become part of our divisional culture.

How do I submit an idea?

Fill out a form in the 9th floor kitchen and leave it in the drop box.

Print a form—available at the PIB blog—and drop it off with a PIB member.

How do I join PIB?

Contact Rebecca Hall (Rebecca.Hall@pearson.com) or Al Velásquez (Al.Velasquez@pearson.com).

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